Noise Pollution at home is a Health Problem

The term noise pollution is used more frequently to describe large cities with nonstop vehicular traffic and dogs barking, people chatting and radios blasting news and entertainment. Studies in the past have shown that noise pollution can cause sleep disruptions, stress, heart disease, high blood pressure, and noise-induced hearing impairment (NIHL).

It can also be a bigger problem if it occurs at home.

People are used to hearing the many different sounds coming from their homes. The constant hum from the fridge to the gurgling of the faucet, all of these noises disrupt the peace in your home. These sounds may not be as loud as the repeated car horns but they can still cause noise pollution.

How Noise Affect Health

Noise is not just annoying. Noise has also been linked to health problems.

Experts say there has been an increase of sensory sensitive children. A condition called misophonia can cause a person to react strongly, sometimes negatively, to certain sounds. Extreme disgust and anger can be triggered by sounds like chewing and lip-smacking.

Misophonia symptoms usually appear between the ages 9 and 13. Although doctors aren’t sure why this happens, it is often seen in children between the ages of 9 and 13. The nerves can become overwhelmed by noise. Misophonia can lead to temper tantrums in children and difficulty concentrating in adults.

Noise pollution, regardless of its level, can also cause hearing loss. This can make it difficult to understand audio cues, especially for those who use hearing aids.

The Benefits of Silence

Silence on the other side is beneficial. Science has shown that silence can have many benefits for a person’s mental and physical health, even though people often associate it with loneliness.

Previous studies have shown that silence can reduce blood pressure, stress levels, adrenaline and cortisol levels, improve hormone regulation, increase brain growth, protect the arteries from plaque formation, and improve sleep quality. A quiet environment can promote creativity, reflection, self-awareness and awareness of the surrounding environment.

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How to Get Silence at Home

Finding quiet in a noisy world can be difficult. Not everyone is able to drop everything and move away from neighbors and traffic. The house is making unfavorable and constant sounds, which can also be a problem.

Although it is not possible to eliminate all noise completely, homeowners can reduce the amount that they produce to a level that does not affect their daily lives and, most importantly, their well-being. You can start by eliminating the noises from your home appliances. If your furnace is making rattling noises, screeching and banging, it needs to be serviced. A refrigerator that is properly maintained will reduce the amount of buzzing it makes. A plumber should be called immediately if there is a leak in the faucet.

Many appliances can also be used to reduce noise pollution in the home. Many recent products, including vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and dishwashers, are now quieter.

Night modes are available for devices that make noise, such as speakers bars and televisions. Alarm clocks that make loud noises every morning have quieter versions that use light to wake the house.

There are also ways to reduce the noise inside your home by absorbing it. Sound is prevented from moving around the room by using thick carpets, rugs, wall tapestries and soundproofing curtains. Hard surfaces like cement walls, tiled floors, wooden furniture, and decor can cause sounds to echo or reverberate around the room. Fabric, meanwhile, absorbs sound.

People who are building or renovating a home can incorporate peace and quiet into their spaces. An architect will likely suggest ways to ensure silence in the house, such as double-layering of drywall or noise-deadening materials and an acoustic floor underlayment. These measures will stop sounds from travelling between rooms or through floors.

Many people are affected by noise, even though they don’t realize it. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still achieve peace and tranquility no matter where you are in the world, even in your own home.

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