GuruFocus Review 2223 – The Best Platform for Value Investors?

What is GuruFocus?

GuruFocus was founded in 2004 by Dr. Charlie Tian and is an investment platform that focuses on value investments. GuruFocus was created as a platform for investors who wanted to duplicate the success of the top investors (gurus). Tian believed that regular investors could get similar returns by studying the investments of successful gurus, and then making investments accordingly.

GuruFocus is now used by more than 1,000,000 people worldwide every month. Tian’s original idea was a huge success. GuruFocus began tracking gurus and continues to track investors such as Bill Gates, George Soros, and Buffet. It also offers real-time data and Insider Picks. The GuruFocus All In-One Stock Screener is one of the most powerful stock screeners on the market.

This GuruFocus review will highlight the highlights of GuruFocus. For a deeper analysis, see our GuruFocus review.

GuruFocus: The Pros and Cons


All-in-one stock screener

You can set up unlimited filters

Live data and insider trading transactions

7-day trial for free

Helpful customer support available 24/7

Guru Statistics allows you to track how Warren Buffet invests through the eyes of pros

Top 10 Gurus’ Holdings

Available on iOS and Android devices: Mobile app

Overview of Sector and Industry Performance

Get financial data for 30 years


Annual fees high

You need to have some experience in investing

Guru Lists and Real-Time Picks

GuruFocus gives you access to the trades of top investors (Gurus), such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman. GuruFocus allows you to track and filter investments by Guru, ticket price, date, price and many other criteria.

You can also access Guru Statistics to see how Gurus compare using the Guru Portfolios or Scoreboard features. All Gurus are ranked based on their performance. You can view the complete breakdown of the Top 10 holdings of each Guru and sort by sector to see trends.

Advanced Charting Tools and Screeners

It’s great to keep track of your favorite investors. But if you want better investment results, you must understand why they make certain choices. GuruFocus makes it easy. You can select any list, such as Real Time Picks or Sector Picks, and hover over each ticker or stock. You’ll be able immediately to see:

Early warning signs

Market Cap, Enterprise Value and Volume are just a few of the many factors that influence market cap, volume, and other parameters.

Valuation: Value of Net Current Asset, Graham Number, Peter Lynch Value and many more

30-Year Financials

Overvalued vs. Interactive charts that are undervalued

Guru Trades

GuruFocus is very user-friendly, unlike Zacks Investment. It doesn’t require you to scroll through pages in order to find useful data. Here are some popular Guru lists.

The Latest Selections

Real-Time Picks

Sector Picks

International Picks

Consensus Picks

Guru Bargains

All-in-One Stock Screener

GuruFocus can help you find the right investments for you and compare them to professionals. GuruFocus All In-One Stock Screener has 9 filters and many customizable parameters. These are the main filters.


Ratio of Valuation



Valuation rank





Traders have the option to filter by using one or more of the primary filters, or all filters in a single search. The All-In-One stock screener is recommended for investors who are experienced. It can be confusing for newbies. GuruFocus has tutorials and educational resources that can help you get started.

GuruFocus Educational Resources

GuruFocus is primarily marketed to experienced investors who want to improve their investment portfolios. GuruFocus is primarily aimed at experienced investors who want to take their investments to the next level. GuruFocus offers a comprehensive education resource that is free to all. This includes everything you need to get started, how to navigate Stock Valuation & Ranking, and how to use the All-In One Stock Screener.

Gurufocus also hosts community events such as the Value Investing Live Series or Member Engagement Meeting. These events allow you to interact with other investors and talk about investing. GuruFocus support is available 24 hours a day to answer any question or problem.

GuruFocus Fees

Premium Subscription: $499/year

Premium Plus Subscription: $1,348/year

Professional Subscription – $2,398/year

All three subscriptions are for one region. If you wish to add more regions, the additional fee is $499/year. You’ll pay only $399/year for each additional region if you use the link below.

Here’s a list with all the available regions:

USA, Asia and Europe: $499/year (or $399/year, if you use our hyperlink)

Canada/UK/Ireland Australia, Latin America and Africa: $319/year (or $219/year, if you use our hyperlink)

We recommend Morningstar if you are looking for an affordable option. It is one of the most trusted newsletters and research platforms around the globe.

Sign up

GuruFocus is open to all investors around the world. There are no requirements for signing up. You will need an email address to get started. Here are the steps:

Visit GuruFocus website

Click the Sign up button at the top right

Create a password by entering an email address

Use our link to sign-up to receive a $100 discount on all additional regions and a free 7-day trial with full access. You will receive a personal referral link to use when you sign up using our link. This link can be used to invite your friends and earn $50 each time they sign up.

GuruFocus Trustpilot Reviews

GuruFocus is a well-respected site with excellent user reviews. It has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6. These are the comments of GuruFocus users:

Gurufocus is my absolute favorite screener! Gurufocus is a more versatile screener than I anticipated when I signed up. “It is essential that both fundamental and technical criteria can be used to locate your stocks.” – DD S.

Gurufocus has been my subscription for over 12 years. Their screener helps me find companies that have the fundamentals I want. The site sends me updates daily about the additions or deletions to the screeners that I have. This speeds up my research.” – Doug T.

“The customer service is outstanding! Gurufocus is the best financial database I’ve ever used. Gurufocus is a great financial database that I would recommend to anyone looking.” – Gerald T.

“I raised multiple tickets (bugs, usability, feature request). The response was always quick. GuruFocus is also open to making changes when it makes sense.” Volker M.

We recommend that you book a free, live demo session with James Li (a GuruFocus analyst) to see if you are still not convinced this service is right for you. He will go over all the features and answer any questions.

You can also try Seeking Alpha, which is one of the fastest-growing stock advising platforms in America.

Last Thoughts

GuruFocus provides a great research platform for investors who want to emulate the success of investing icons like Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet. GuruFocus allows you to seamlessly compare Guru’s portfolios and find common stocks. You can also access real-time, backtested data or research with one the best stock screeners on the market. GuruFocus is recommended for value investors who want to get an edge on the rest.


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