Storage Group and the forthcoming upgradation to the features of Click and Store.

Today’s fast-growing age, in which the world is at its highest level of technological advancement and high tech devices. These technologies are, undoubtedly, a catalyst for companies and businesses operating in today’s marketplace. Technological advancements are incredibly fast-paced and easily accessible for everyone. Social media has made it possible for everyone to connect.

Social media platforms like Facebook are reliable and simple to use. Many businesses now use social media to inform their customers. They are also used today as efficient and reliable advertising and promotional tools.

Advertising and marketing concepts have been around for a while. Previously, advertising methods included billboards, radio ads, television, and billboards. However, social media has made it easier and more accessible to marketers and advertisers. According to some theories, consumers will purchase any product or service regardless of its quality if they’ve heard about it. Even though the platforms may differ, the goal is the same: to build goodwill for your business and increase sales.

The Storage Group, an internet marketing firm that specializes both in self-storage and digital marketing, is a good example of a marketing company.

The company has been helping people find digital marketing solutions to their daily operations for almost 10 years. It was able to offer many cost-saving products and services such as search engine optimization, web development, software development, and online rentals.

The Group is well-known among the many technology and marketing companies that serve self-storage. It has recently updated its ClickandStor (r), online rental tools directory to increase leads and listings. This was done by categorizing price and location.

ClickandStor (r), Lite was also created by the company. This platform allows self-storage operators direct access to their directory listings and allow them to make unit reservations. ClickandStor (r) is the best and most cost-effective way to make unit reservations, especially for tenants.

The website allows users to access many facilities, including customer access and payment options. ClickandStor is available to customers who visit the website and those who come through on-site.

Allows them to sign up, log in digitally and make all necessary payments without the need for human interaction.

Venture and Partnerships

Domico Software was also acquired by the company, which provides more benefits to its customers. ClickandStor is one of The Storage Group’s products. ClickandStor was launched in 2011 as an online rental service. It marked a major shift in the self-storage market.

The Storage Group and Storage Commander have been integrated through ClickandStor (r),, providing customers and clients access to the most advanced self-storage technology available. The Storage Group is committed in being a solution-driven business by increasing occupancy rates and generating a higher return of investment.

ClickandStor (r?) online-rental tool now offers eSign lease customization. This new feature allows facility managers to customize their rental agreements to meet the individual needs of tenants. Users can also create and offer digital leases without having to access their facility-management software.

The partnership between Domico Cloud, The Storage Group allowed users to integrate ClickandStor (r) into their websites or The Storage Group could provide them or create a new site for them. The integration will send Domico Cloud all data regarding online reservations, rentals, merchandise, and other transactions.

Steve Lucas, CEO

In 2013, Lucas was appointed director of sales at The Storage Group. After two years, Lucas was promoted to director of sales and made a transition to chief operating officer. He became a partner in 2018. Brian Pelski, who was the former CEO, is still a principal of the company. Lucas is a strong leader in technology changes and has developed solid strategies for the company’s products. He also introduced new versions of ClickandStor , the first industry-specific online tool.

Steve Lucas, CEO of ClickandStor (r), directory, has a vision to offer immense convenience to its users. He is also working to bring premium software to a new audience.

Lucas has been appointed CEO. This has allowed the executive team and company to focus on the company’s long-term strategic goals.

For their innovative product ClickandStor(r), the ClickandStor(r), Online Rental Suite, The Storage Group was recently awarded the ISS Best Of Business Award 2021 for Most Innovative Product. This award was voted by self-storage managers and industry consumers, who voted in favor of The Storage Group due to their cost-effective products and hard work.

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