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Streamlined Sophistication: Exploring the Elegance of Single Piece Toilets

In the realm of modern bathroom design, single piece toilets have emerged as a symbol of elegance and efficiency. Horow, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, offers a stellar example of this with their HWMT-8733S. Let’s delve into the features that make Horow’s single piece toilets a must-have for any contemporary bathroom.

Effortless Flushing with Efficient Siphon-Flushing Technology

Horow’s HWMT-8733S is equipped with efficient siphon-flushing technology, ensuring a powerful and quiet flush with every use. The fully glazed flush, complemented by a self-cleaning spray, guarantees a clog-free experience, maintaining hygiene and convenience. With a leak-proof and highly efficient dual-flush system, this toilet offers water conservation options without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to unnecessary water wastage and hello to efficiency with Horow.

Easy Installation for Added Convenience

Installing a new toilet can be a daunting task, but not with Horow’s HWMT-8733S. Designed for convenience, this single piece toilet comes with a supply line connector adapter) included, making installation a breeze. Whether you’re connecting to 1/2” or 7/8” supply lines, Horow has you covered. Simply screw off the adapter for 7/8” supply lines and connect directly for 1/2” supply lines. With Horow, you can enjoy the benefits of a stylish and functional toilet without the hassle of complicated installation processes.


Horow’s HWMT-8733S is more than just a bathroom fixture; it’s a statement of style and efficiency. With features like efficient siphon-flushing technology and easy installation, Horow redefines the standards of modern bathroom design. Experience the elegance of single piece toilets with Horow and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. Say hello to streamlined sophistication with Horow’s HWMT-8733S.

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